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25+ years of experience in developing microcomputer based databases, 10 years experience as a FileMaker developer.

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Brian Gray

Beginner Filemaker User

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Brian Schick

Wagner Creek creates custom software tailored to each client’s unique business. We also provide exceptional service and support to stand behind our software products.

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Certified Filemaker Developer

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I develop FileMaker solutions in Queensland. Originally from Los Angeles, mostly worked on TV, Commercials, Festival/Event Management and Production solutions. I'm also familiar with the Building Industry/Architecture and Education.

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Joseph G. - software developer/consultant in Westchester Co. New York... Relatively new to FM; using it to redesign legacy apps as well as new projects.

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Bruce Robertson

Independent developer, Redmond WA

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I have been working as an independent developer. Most of the development work has been in the Education field. Developing applications for Charter schools 5th - 8th grade.

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Seattle area FileMaker developer, leader of DBUG FileMaker SIG.

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