related.countIf ( )

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01 February 2009
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28 February 2009
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Function overview


related.countIf  ( relatedField;   test;   dataType )


relatedField  The related field you would like to perform the test on

test  A test to be evaluated. All strings should be quoted

dataType  Your value data type (one of number, text or date)


Tags:  Simulation   Related   List   Excel   CountIf   Count  

Counts the number of related records that match a given criteria.

See the required List.filter function for more information on the tests that can be performed.

If you want to use this in a version lower than 8.5, see the FM8List function as an alternative to "List".

Note: When evaluating against strings, you must remember to quote the strings, e.g. realted.countIf ( Related::Field ; "value = \"Fail\" OR value = \"UG\"" ; "text" )


Sample input

realted.countIf ( Assignment_Marks::percentage ; "value >= 70 AND value < 80" ; "number" )

Sample output

6 (returned where 6 of the records in the percentage field in the Assignment_Marks table occurance have a score between 70 and 80)


Function code

ValueCount( list.filter( List(relatedField) ; test ; dataType ) )

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    Prototype: related.countIf( relatedField; test; dataType )
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    Last updated: 28 February 2009
    Version: 1.2

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24 March 2009

I need to count all the records in Field1 till current record. My input is :
related.countIf (Field1;"abs(Field1)>0"; "number" )
I expect a result of total number of records that meat the criteria, but the output is always "1" when criteria meets.
Did I do anything wrong in my input? or this function has to be used to count Fields in other related table? Is there a way to count Fields in current table?
     Feature request
25 March 2009

Try: realted.countif ( Field1;"abs(value)>0";"number")
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25 March 2009

Thanks for reply! I tried your suggestion, the result is still the same-- when meet criteria, it shows 1, when not meet, it shows 0. I tried to count in both current table and related table, either result shows a counter of 1, 2, 3, 4....
Any suggestion?
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27 March 2009

Hello Genx, I still can get the function working properly. I also get similar problem with related.sumif. Instead of sum the values that meet the condition, it copies the values that meet the condition. Do I need any special setting on my data to make it working?
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27 March 2009

Here's a picture to explain my problem:
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27 March 2009

Per the function name you're meant to use this on related fields :)
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27 March 2009

I see! I changed to count related field, it works perfectly now. Thanks a lot!
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07 October 2009


I've have been having problems with this function. I think it is me being stupid, here is my problem.

I have a Field called "SAT 1" the only values allowed to be inputted are "E" and "L". I want to do a CountIF like in Excel that counts the number of records with "L" in the Field "SAT 1".

Is it possible with this function, if so how.
  General comment
07 October 2009


It will work but only in a related context. Meaning if Sat 1 was a field in a related table occurrence (e.g. "Related") then you would do as follows:

realted.countIf ( Related::Sat 1 ; "value = \"L\"" ; "text" )
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