AutoUpdateErrorToEnglish ( )

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FileMaker 7.0 +
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28 January 2011
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 Andrew Duncan

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AutoUpdateErrorToEnglish  ( ErrorNum )


ErrorNum  Error Number returned by the FMSAUC_UpdatePlugIn function


Tags:  Auto Update Error Download FMSAUC_UpdatePlugIn  

FileMaker Server provides an Auto Update mechanism to download FileMaker plug-ins directly to FileMaker Pro/Advanced clients automatically. It has it's own seperate list of error codes which are not included in the list of error codes in the FileMaker Help guide. This function takes the error code and returns the English language description for that error code to help troubleshoot issues when downloading plug-ins via the Auto Update mechanism. The error codes only apply to the FMSAUC_UpdatePlugIn function.


Sample input

AutoUpdateErrorToEnglish (-5)

Sample output

The downloaded file can’t be copied to the current user’s FileMaker Extensions folder


Function code

// SYNTAX: AutoUpdateErrorToEnglish (ErrorNum)
// NOTES: Returns the English description for the AutoUpdate Error Number for the FMSAUC_UpdatePlugIn function
// VERSION: 1.0v1
// © 2011 Andrew Duncan, Databuzz,Sydney, Australia
// source: FileMaker Server 11 Guide to Updating Plug-ins

ErrorNum = -1; "The file to be downloaded is missing from the temporary folder" ;
ErrorNum = -2; "The Extensions\Saved folder to contain the backup of the outdated plug-in or support file couldn’t be created on the client computer" ;
ErrorNum = -3; "The file to be replaced on the client computer couldn’t be deleted from the current user’s FileMaker Extensions folder" ;
ErrorNum = -4; "The file to be replaced couldn’t be moved to the Extensions\Saved folder" ;
ErrorNum = -5; "The downloaded file can’t be copied to the current user’s FileMaker Extensions folder" ;
ErrorNum = -6; "The download file must be a plug-in file" ;
ErrorNum = 0; "No Error/Successful Download" ;
ErrorNum = 3; "The Auto Update plug-in is disabled in the FileMaker Server Admin Console" ;
ErrorNum = 5; "The download file can’t be found in the AutoUpdate folder on the FileMaker Server computer" ;
ErrorNum = 6; "An error occurred on the computer running FileMaker Server as the file was being downloaded" ;
ErrorNum = 100; "The external function definition for FMSAUC_UpdatePlugIn contains an invalid or empty parameter" ;
ErrorNum = 101; "The function call from the client computer to the computer running FileMaker Server failed. The server computer might be running a previous version of FileMaker Server."

// ===================================

    This function is published on FileMaker Custom Functions
    to check for updates and provide feedback and bug reports
    please visit

    Prototype: AutoUpdateErrorToEnglish( ErrorNum )
    Function Author: Andrew Duncan (
    Last updated: 28 January 2011
    Version: 1

// ===================================








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