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FileMaker 8.0 +
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09 December 2008
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11 December 2008
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 The Shadow

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Function overview


BarGraph  ( numList;   maxValue )


numList  A list of numbers

maxValue  The number value for a full-bar - 100%.


Tags:  Bargraph  

Shows a bar-graph for a list of numbers.

The numbers are shown in the graph, so this function can be with an auto-enter option of always replace to create a bar graph that fixes itself when the numbers in the list change.


Sample input

BarGraph( "455¶672¶399¶108¶405"; 1000 )

Sample output

█████████ 455
█████████████ 672
████████ 399
██ 108
████████ 405

(bars would be different colors, were that supported here)


Function code

BarGraphWorker( numList; maxValue; 0 )

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    Prototype: BarGraph( numList; maxValue )
    Function Author: The Shadow (
    Last updated: 11 December 2008
    Version: 1.1

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William Mirtle
25 December 2008

Hey shadow, I'm new to Filemaker and I am very much interested in including this Bar Graph Function of yours on my first FM solution... However I don't know how to use it... Is this simply copied and pasted on Scriptmaker or do I need to do something beforehand? Thanks in advance and nice function by the way. It has lots of uses and would make any Filemaker solution more appealing and more informative...
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The Shadow
26 December 2008

If you're new to custom functions you might want to download my sample file:
(and download the Bar-graphs file).

To put these into your own solution, you'll need a copy of FileMaker Advanced, without which, you cannot create custom functions. The custom functions create additional abilities inside calculations, which can be used in scripts or on calculated fields.

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William Mirtle
28 December 2008

Great! Will try these out... I think I am using Pro only (trial). I'll have to check if there is an trial version for Advanced... Thanks a lot Shadow!
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24 April 2010

Hello Shadow
I'm a french user of FileMaker (not professionnal developper) ; I've found that sample of graph interresting. A question is it possible to add after the number a text i.e 39 bananas, 154 apples...
Thanks if you have an anwser !
  General comment
The Shadow
24 April 2010

Dubau, you just need to drop the "GetAsNumber()" call around amount in the ShowBar() method to preserve strings in the input.

Hope that helps.
  General comment
24 April 2010

Fine ! It helps ! Thanks
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