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Dear users!

We'd like to thank our users for continuing to contribute their filemaker custom functions to the community since it's inception.

To help with authoring custom functions, our partners at have put together a handy little application for FileMaker called the FM Expression Editor – in their words it’s "the simple and smart way to edit FileMaker calculations". The application features syntax highlighting, intelligent content assistance, quick function look-up and database design report integration. These features combine to provide you with an environment that lets you write complex functions and calculations faster than ever before.

For more information, go to There’s a free trial available for download. team

Recently posted

getWindowCenter ( ) Get the top and left coordinates to center a window on the screen, as JSON.
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positionValue ( ) Return the value's position in a list, including a partial match.
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getError ( ) Retrieves the result of Get ( LastError ) and sets 2 additional variables to help with debugging.
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Downloads from FM Design Blog

Port Forwarding This is a 7 or so minute long video attempting to explain what it is that port forwarding actually is, how it works and what the heck the point of it is.
FMS Deployment Options Make a semi informed decision when going to deploy your solution on FileMaker Server 9.
Faking an Apple Accordian This demo aims to replicate the Accordion widget seen all over the apple site in various forms within FileMaker.